WL//WH Video Of The Day: OWLS “Body Bags”

 Video Of The Day  OWLS

Started in 2021 to explore his deep love for the shadowy realms at the confluence of Post-punk, Techno and Industrial music, OWLS is the Synth-Punk endeavour of Irish midlands producer Emy Collum developed during the last year in an electrifying live electronic act with lots of vocal processing, and distorted synths meeting otherworldly reverbs and delays. It’s dark, fierce, and takes you on a tumultuous dance of life and death.

The project has dropped a heady video by Nathan Sheridan for the anticipated thought-provoking new single “Body Bags.”

The song and video have been largely informed by the unfolding events in Gaza. “Body Bags” looks at humanity turning in on itself. For all the beauty & harmony in the world, we are chaotic by nature – violent and cruel to our own. It explores the human condition and our ability to inflict pain and suffering upon the most vulnerable. It has forced the Longford artist to look outward instead of inward. 

Sentient claustrophobic pain turns on a powerfully frenzied state of tight punchy drum kicks, insistent thick buzzy bass lines, rising slowly into an off-kilter realm of distorted, ringing icy bright melodies, covered in an oppressive droning dome of high-pressure discomfort, whilst an interplay of soft, agonized broods, choppy raw urgent screams, and warped disconnected cries desperately try to break free from the immersive nervous tension.

“All of my songwriting up until now has been dealing with internal conflicts and self assessment. It feels selfish looking inwards when being faced with genocide daily. I teach History. I had a Palestinian student join one of my classes recently. They presented a project on the ancient buildings of Gaza City only to highlight the fact that they’re no longer there. That hit hard” 

Modern black and white visuals shot on site in County Longford, Ireland by Nathan Sheridan feature the romantic character couple of Bird & Gimp to flow with the restless intensity of the soundtrack. The set contains an array of religious and occultic symbols to interpret, as the playful bondage-inspired duo engage in fantasy aggression and edgy choreography, finding ‘moments of co-operation and harmony amongst the chaos and violence of our world today.’

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