WL//WH Video of the Day: OUR ECHOES SCREAM “Reminiscence”

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Based in Tokyo, Japanese and Canadian duo, made up of Ryo Seki and Frank Bergeron, Our Echoes Scream is a new Industrial music project who have just released a video for “Reminiscence” taken from their debut EP “…An Empty Shell” out on November 16, 2018.

Sonic industrial clinks and drones underscore the dense, noisy, and powerful electronic drum machine as it swells with purpose and melody. Aggressive, angry distorted vocals and soft repetitive chants are muffled by the abrasive intense industrial noise building in intensity. An atmosphere of Post-Apocalyptic devastation and a surreal reality give way to a pregnant pause filled with faint whispered yells and cries. Intense growls return with even more frenetic and rambunctious instruments generating a cacophony of cyber punk edge and danceability.

The accompanied video directed by Brendan McGowen uses haunted imagery, shadows, and symbology creating a sense of impending doom. A couple shrouded in darkness and intense emotion are surrounded by murky waves crashing ashore that morph into convoluted inky clouds as a full moon observes overhead. They are disconnected, yet reaching for each other in this sad love song. He angrily pleads, “Stay with me!” Unable to look him in the eye, she stares at the ground and turns away as he watches expressionless from the shadows.

An impressive and immersive debut from this new Industrial eclectic duo that show great promise and talent.

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