WL//WH Video Of The Day: ORIGINAL GOD VS KILL SHELTER “Fight Night (Crimson XIII)” [Cleopatra Records]


Growing up in Philadelphia and Hawaii, Los Angeles based experimental artist, Original God, draws from his passions of Japan, anime, film, and philosophy to preach a message of hope and individualism in his latest video for the dynamic and rambunctious version of Original God’s 2020 crossover hit “Fight Night (Crimson XIII)” via Cleopatra Records, re-imagined by the unmistakable creative remix prowess from the UK Darkwave artist and producer Peter Burns AKA Kill Shelter.

Fight Night (Crimson XIII)” reflects an inner struggle with personal demons and the fragility of the human condition. The rawness of the lyrics, which reference themes of self-harm and desperation, are matched by the intensity of the music – a driving Electropunk soundtrack that seamlessly fuses elements of Rap Pop, Rapcore, Industrial and Darkwave.

Heavy metal charged textures compel aggressive electrified guitar riffs to blaze dramatic shards of grungy distorted anger through trembling, rumbling bass lines and shivering, sinister synth swells to forge a tumultuous rush of hypnotic suggestions around gripping haunting and gritty shapeshifting vocals, dropping graphic lyrical charge about a lost soul’s mental battle with demons of fear, pain, and regret into a chaotic outflow of unchecked rage and guilt.

Frenetic vibes fuel scratchy, flashing bloodstained overlays of glitchy frequencies into an urban late-night backdrop of pain and obsession. Isolated heady destitution from angry, fighting tendencies manifests furious visions into combative energy, fueling a drug-induced rampage cast in universal symbols of evil and death. Video game textures invoke simulated serpents, funky dance moves, and encrypted Japanese messages to transform disconnected emotions into an electronic nightmare of zombie status left suffering in slave-like addiction to an unforeseen fate.

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