WL//WH Video Of The Day: ORCUS NULLIFY “One Day”


Started in 2010, Orcus Nullify is a Dark Alternative act from South Carolina split between the experienced multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Bruce Nullify, already active, since his teen years, in the late ’80s, early ’90s Central Florida local hardcore/alternative music scene, and lyricist Leonia Teaneck.

The band drops a symbolic video for the moody Deathrock-tinged track, One Day, lifted from the upcoming album due out in mid-2023 via Mantravision Productions.

“One Day” dwells in a land of faded colors and disenchanted moods embroidered by the at the same time searingly dissonant and eerily melodic Rikk Agnew-like web of vaguely psychedelic guitar strains, underpinned by busy drum beats, and droning bass lines, into dire pain-fueled echoes around evocative, aching vocals, rising and falling in breathless agony amid eerie abrasive swathes, echoing, forlornly, into a haunted head space of never-ending doom.

Sentimental visuals alternate candid wedding day memories with unsettling dark imagery to evoke nihilistic dread. Translucent romantic overlays disintegrate into cold empty corridors whilst full moon omens and grey raining skies invoke the power of tragedy and desolation, in sync with the weighty emotional gloom of the soundtrack.

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