WL//WH Video of the Day: OOGAN – “Iconico (Plague Doctor Mix)”

Video of the Day OOGAN

‘Mysteriously enlightening’ London based ritualistic electronic project blends elements of darkwave, coldwave, folk whippy tribal techno with goth and lysergic undertones.

Written about the later years of Nico (Christa Päffgen) from the Velvet Underground. Actress, singer, songwriter, poet, bohemian, born in the wrong era. Andy Warhol’s muse, before choosing a life of heroin addiction.

Measured drum beats shift to dense more abundant heavy pounds, as buzzing bass lines and sterile, robotic vocals rush in anxious anticipation to join high, distant, yet barely audible echoed lyrics shift to balanced duet of choral chanting. High, piercing, and nervous synth melodies create alarm and panic as crackling voices longing for love, fill the desperate with desire. Low menacing laughter permeates the vibrant bedlam while a lunatic yells “Visas Krusa”, “Visas Krusa,” “Visas Krusa,” with urgent, relentless , strained chords. Oneiric Oriental-tinged guitar notes drift in an echoing harmonic flow into beautiful coos, woo and hoo hypnotically encompass all space culminating in the strong, clear, and resonate dual union repeating,“When, will you come around? When, will you come around? Waiting for you to come rescue me!” as sinister synths consume the utter chaos around them.

A traditional black and white video set against the backdrop of a supernatural sacrifice, written and directed by Oogan, produced by Blue Door Productions, starring Cuervo Coffinatchi as Visas Krusa, the new Moon Goddess. Awaiting Oogan’s rise, a black satin body suit with an open bust hugs the silhouette of a platinum blonde with exaggerated black eye liner and perfect blood colored lips. Inebriated, but not sloppy, the new moon goddess shakes what her mother gave her in a sexy, alluring dance. Blinding lights cast severe shadows over hooded, masked men laying witness to the flaxen sway of Visas Krusa. A night filled with powers vast enough to part rivers, and set seas ablaze, thus illuminating the murky path that lies ahead. A new character is added to the set-list, “Plague Doctor will lead us through the dark skies and beyond!”

A haunting, intense, wonderfully entertaining joy ride in an obscure well of death, suffering and pain.

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