WL//WH Video Of The Day: ONEIROS WAY “Mourning”

Video Of The Day  Oneiros Way 

Based in Milan, the Electro-Dream Pop duo Oneiros Way crafts dark and ethereal songs, deeply rooted in an immersive cinematic arthouse imagery, built on blissful Cocteau Twins echoes, Lynchian haunting cinematic atmospherics, stumbling Trip-Hop rhythms, and Post-Rock intricacies.

The Italian band, comprised of Regina (vocals, piano, synth, and organ) & Claudio (vocals, guitars, Lunabass, drum machine/sampler, synth), have unveiled a soul-stirring DIY video for the shadowy esoteric song “Mourning” taken from last year’s 8-track debut album, “The Dawn Is Near” on I Dischi del Minollo.

Mourning is inspired by Jean Cocteau’s Orphèe 1950, death is a mirror that traps, eternal return, continuous re-proposition of dream scenarios. A lament, a call, and a new lament, as if death was nothing more than a new beginning. 

Eerily lonesome lethargic atmospherics fuse somber slow warped synth quivers with gleamy brittle keys, a echoing dub-strewn thudding rhythm pattern, and droning low ends, whilst a beautifully evocative male/female vocal interplay betwixt urgent emotional breathes and sad, crystalline cries, draw fretful predictions from an approaching release of swaying crispy and sultry percussions, gritty trembling bass lines and piercing glistening guitar ripples, to invoke dire moods of fear, mourning, and lamentation from an eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

The dramatic DIY video depicts the metaphysical airs of apocalyptic lyrical omens to foretell society’s imminent downfall at the hands of a corrupt society. Bewitching black and white eye captures, multi-lingual writings, and surreal rehearsal visuals seamlessly sync with slow unraveling vibes of the soundtrack, whilst vintage movie clips cast in universal symbols for evil, death, and destruction compel the subconscious viewer to see the dark magical forces involved in our accelerating timeline collapse.

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