WL//WH Video Of The Day: OLD CAT’S DRAMA “Crystal Signals”

Video Of The Day  Old Cat’s Drama

Started in 2011 as a duo, made of dark-minded artists Herold E. (vocals and lyrics) and Divuar L. (music and guitars), soon surrounded by a cult status in their area due to being one of the very few Ukrainian bands to face with artistry the classic old-school Gothic Sound and on the stream of successful live performance, Wroclaw’s Return To The Batcave above all, Kyiv based Death Rockers Old Cat’s Drama ‘return from the tomb’ after a long hiatus, since their debut full-length “Come and See” in 2015, ‘strengthened’ by latest recruit Oleksii Sup (mastermind of Quadrille|’Кадриль‘), with a supernatural video, shot by Vovachtun and the band themselves, for the stirring new single, “Crystal Signals”, whilst working on their upcoming sophomore album that will introduce intriguing experimental leanings.

Laced with dark lyrics that observe human suffering through an esoteric lens of ritual and rebirth, “Crystal Signals” unleashes boisterous punchy rhythms and organic, menacing restless basslines driving mystery and foreboding gloom through an obsessive entanglement of epic, quavering searing guitar riffs and sinister icy bright synth stabs to overwhelm haunted fearful male vocals into vibrating distressed breaths, and depth defying echoes falling helpless into an achingly chaotic shredding whirlwind of approaching doom.

Graffiti strewn underground tunnels hide an ancient flow of secrecy expanding through a modern dystopia of urban decay. Eerie winter sun angles and skewed camera shots cast hazy, hidden horizons over old city architectures where shadows loom and history breathes anxiety and dread. Rigid stoic figures clad in retro Punk Rock attire transmit deadly visions whilst a ceremonial candle of hope burns precariously dim. Slow-motion reactions rush through two-toned walls of cold, deteriorating despair to merge parallel timelines into a clandestine congregation of symbolic origin.

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