WL//WH Video Of The Day: OKVLTA “Nocturna”

Video Of The Day  OKVLTA

Bogotá, Columbia’s Post-Punk / Death Rock Foursome, OKVLTA, made of Culebra (vocals), Óscar Martínez (guitar), Violeta Nicole (bass) and José David Arias (drums), have dropped their first immersive music video, directed by Oscar Martínez, for the darkly whimsical single, “Nocturna”, in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming debut 6-track EP “En las Entrañas de la Bestia” via independent label Discos Maraña.

Sinister gritty punk vibes weave urgent, relentless tight drum beats through the ominous warbles of a throbbing bassline and squeaky, cutting guitar riffs, while rebellious, daring female howls dive into powerful caustic breathes of Spanish-speaking vocals, cutting into the growling surge of piercing reverberations, tribal tendencies, and nocturnal moods of forgotten youth.

Devotional lyrics celebrate the “Nocturna” with all the freedoms and liberties that darkness allows.

Grainy black and white video filters an unseen time-lapsed existence through a liberating night-vision lens of negative exposures. Layers of intoxicating disorientation seep through static cut scenes into a hypnotic flow of motion to blur depth defying domains over a live underground music performance, while an intimate group walk set against an edgy urban backdrop flashes mind-expanding dimensions through a starry evening overlay.

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