WL//WH Video Of The Day : OCEAN HOPE “Safe”

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Greek sister-brother duo of Angeliki & Serafim Tsotsonis under the Ocean Hope moniker have recently released their debut album “Rolling Days” via Hush Hush Records, boldly exploring different nuances of dream pop and synth-pop with outstanding results.

A sense of melancholy and heartfelt romance coexist perfectly amongst the intoxicating and intertwining guitar reverberations and dreamlike ethereal captivating vocals. Underscored by throbbing bass, analogue synth undercurrents and pulsating hypnotic beats, create a disjointed yet blissful atmosphere of turmoil and peace, where destruction and rebirth act as a catharsis for disenchanted lovers, trying to escape their harsh days gone bye.
A wistful, emotional and introspective personal exploration of human moods and relationships in today’s dystopian world.
Check out the brilliant video that highlights the contrast between the ‘loveless’ stark beginning of bombs and warfare from a world of shear terror and violence, and the ‘loved’ Angeliki happy dance at end where all is floating in a sea of joy.
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