WL//WH Track Of The Day: OBSOLENCIA PROGRAMADA “Repulsión”

Track Of The Day  Obsolencia Programada

Fresh from hosting and playing along with Mexican Synth ace Stockhaussen, nestled between repetitive minimal synth and moody darkwave, Guatemala City based Dúo, Obsolencia Programada, debut with an aggressive and hypnotic single, “Repulsión”, pervaded by confessional lyrics to reveal a complete and thorough disgust, physical repulsion, and wishes of death upon another.

Frenzy and spiky pulsing rhythms pulse skip and swell an undulating sequence of buzzing bassline, hallucinated and oppressive at the same time, rumbling with a nerve-wracking edge around high-strung anxious and neurotic raw female vocals unleashing harsh, thrusting breaths of caustic anger into an intense rapid repetition of disturbed emotions.

Trigged by a wicked single sequencer-driven line, “Repulsión” is an ominous and intriguing combination of intense frenetic dynamism and haunting grim atmospherics to create a perversely energising and unsettling soundtrack for an uncompromising bondage to dancefloor dominion.

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