WL//WH Video Of The Day: NURSE “Adios”

Video Of The Day NURSE

Formed around 2017, NURSE is a Japanese quartet based out of Kyoto with a energetic and intense sound that toes the line between shoegaze and post-punk.

“Adios” is the band’s last and fifth single, their most melodic so far, accompanied by the video clip directed by /吉本昂成(Takanari Yoshimoto).

Bumping, strong vibrating bass and rapid-fire backbeats lay a strong foundation for the catchy and addictive synth melodies as they flow and effervesce cheerfully throughout the majesty and awe of a wonderland of dreams. Distorted, striking and jangly guitar lines deep cut then vibe echo creating slight tension in the atmosphere as hushed, happy, covert vocals shift to elated, confident strides evoking curiosity, love, and comfort in an environment of endless possibilities. A feel-good song with uplifting yet wistful harmonies that get the body bouncing and the head swaying!

Beautiful poetic lyrics depict timeless carefree happiness enjoyed between two people seen through one-sided memories in a magical place where dreams laugh and you can swim through the air. Even dreams have dark moments as it is revealed that one denies the other’s recollection took place leaving feelings of alienation and betrayal.  Remaining steadfast in the belief, “I laughed with you, Even if you forget your dream of swimming in the sky,” of a time and place that defied gravity and physics.

A modern black and white video illustrates the vast multidimensional doorway tunnel system set against the backdrop of a mid urban cityscape at dusk. Time-lapse photography ebbs and flows along the lane of a sprawling skate park encompassing the city like a serpent. A lone man dressed in spacey modern wear appears on a high walled turn blocking the lane, he is trying to deliver an important message. A zoom screen hones in on a downward ramp, a swirling black hole, and an upper second story all portals to different areas of the mind, imagination, and space. Day turns to night as a message of endless possibilities illuminated by starscape stops where it all began and the circle is complete.

Fine-tuned and perfectly executed instrumentation balanced with just the right amount of conflict laced with enigmatic lyrics of myth and lore neatly wrapped in a solid black and white calls for smiles, dancing, and fun.

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