WL//WH Video Of The Day: NUEVE DESCONOCIDOS “Todos Mis Cristales”


Fresh Spanish darkwave duo based in Alicante, Nueve Desconocidos, just dropped a retro-flavored atmospheric video, directed by Adrián Bremner, for their first single “Todos Mis Cristales” via Manto Espejo, a song about the dire fear of self-reflection.

Nostalgic new-wavish, glistening synth swells sway with deceptive serenity around crispy off-tempo beats, light bleeding guitar strings, and poignant pulsating bassline’s wistfulness, while dreamy, distressed male vocals fall, as airy cries below the bittersweet melodies into an undertow of urgent lurking danger.

Desperate lyrics convey feelings of hopelessness at the prospect of facing the past in order to move forward with self-enlightenment.

Hip 80s fashion-clad musical performance, set against a modern dystopian backdrop, finds freedom in friendship and fast food. Pop-culture phenomenon, the sign of the times medical masks, and busy skyscraper lined streets deck the stage for an edgy, charismatic electric guitar session played by a band’s member, whose stylish paisley sweater, skinny black jeans, and on-point nail polish alternate with alluring scenes of downtime, to bring an intimate and engaging clip of life in flux.

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