WL//WH Video Of The Day: NUEVE DESCONOCIDOS “Soledad”


Nueve Desconocidos  is a Spanish Darkwave music project from Alicante led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Ares Negrete Poveda, who follows the 2021 debut full-length “First Disc of Nine Unknowns Called Nine Unknown” through Casa Maracas, with the immersive video by Rodrigo Morán for “Soledad”, the first single off the sophomore album Toque de Animas.”

Nueve Desconocidos has crafted a cold-warm, synthetic-organic intense and passionate melodic combination of Post-Punk, New Wave, and Cold Wave with a romantic Iberian flair, at times, as in “Soledad”, pulling the dancing Synth-Pop template.

Pensive lyrics invoke a heartbroken alienating solitude where an intimate betrayal leaves a lost soul ailing in a tragic sea of regret and pain.

On a crackling propulsive pattern of 80s-tinged urgent bouncy bass lines along with lashing snares and crispy claps, “Soledad” builds a haunting melancholic haze unraveling through piercing, poignant guitar melodies and glowing synths arpeggios, to enshroud soft, hurt, heartfelt vocals, haloed by high angst echoes, with transformative swathes of cold, comforting space.

Rodrigo Morán captures a smoky dramatic performance by Nueve Desconocidos to sync seamlessly with the Dark Romantic vibes of the soundtrack. Thoughtful stage props, shapeshifting shadows, and light transitional overlays draw the viewer into the secret emotional agony of the poetry, whilst suggestive symbols and mirror reflections cast metaphysical mystery into the intoxicating flow of subliminal visions.

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photo by @pablo_agrcia