WL//WH Video Of The Day: NOVÌ LIDÈ “Pohltí tmou”

Video Of The Day Noví Lidé

Hailing from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, NOVÌ LIDÈ is a dark electro duo, started in 2013 by Mejra Šlehar & René Tomaides, on the verge of releasing their sophomore album “Kruh” (Bread), following their debut “Světlo a stín” (Light and Shadow), at the end of 2017.
12 hypnotic and obscure electric-laden songs that symbolize a circle and create a story about an endless journey of life, preceded by the music video, created by Vít Kratochvíle & Petr Velek (MERGE Studio), for the song “Pohltí tmou”.

Striking notes pierce an unsettled silence shifting into ominous, soaring icy synth melodies over menacing bassline’s low rumble amid steady metronomic backbeats switch into a militaristic industrial clash, as deep sober and shadowy male vocals demand alluring danger into the hypnotic pulse.

Devilish lyrics warn of temptation, darkness, and destruction in an obsessive dance laced in lusty eternal desire.

Dark clad duo performs set against bipolar offbeat backdrop clashing colours in sync with the keyboard to form a daring conflict betwixt stark white strobe and menacing monochromatic darkness.

NOVÌ LIDÈ‘s second album “Kruh” is due April 10, 2020.

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