WL//WH Video of the Day: NOVÍ LIDÉ “Istéria”

Video Of The Day Noví Lidé

Hradec Kralove-based Czech dark electronic duo NOVÌ LIDÈ, started in 2013 by Mejra Slejhar (vocals, lyrics, guitar and synthesizers) and René Tomaides (synthesizers), release a new music video, directed by Michal Havlíček, for the obscure and menacing atmospheric darkwave track “Istéria” taken from last April’s sophomore album “Kruh” (Bread).

Ominous drone encroach, buzzing the vast spatial canvas pierced with warm melancholic synth notes, to awaken cold mechanical rotations cast in hollow clanks and solemn bass drum echoes, while twinkling and soaring textures bloom in haste, below the direly searing guitar wails penetrating reverb for primal hypnotically ritual vocals shrouded in harsh detachment, isolation, and fear to unveil hidden dangers lying dormant within fate’s unshakeable stratosphere of evolution.

Enigmatic lyrics describe the mystical properties associated with “Istéria” to imply an element or life force found in all things.

Magnificent panoramas from Prague shot on location in Strahov, Břevnov, Nový Svět, Nerudova, use infrared technology to explore nature’s vast monochromatic glory cast in the captivating bright spectrum of white, to bring intense feelings of splendour and euphoric bliss, while strategic camera angles skew proportions into extreme degrees of polarity. Time-lapse photography expands focus to create a wide mental gap between perception and reality, as a stark contrast in color tone reflect and absorb the similarities and differences, drawing the eye 360 degrees to encompass all the energizing potential in a pure nordic illumination

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