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Let us introduce you to a new, young and skilled musician, Jason Wagers who is going to release his first and soon to come debut S/T EP in 2018 under his moniker Nova Flares. Few words about Jason: Hailing from Berea, Kentucky, he moved to Louisville at 18 with his previous band The Corridors and a few years later, they finally released their debut album on CD, only to be crushed by a British record label claiming to represent a band by the same name and ordering the band cease using this name. By that time, he was eager to start a solo project in a completely new direction. While The Corridors played eclectic rock, Wagers wanted to create a very specific atmosphere in his new compositions, a new-psychedelia rock music infused with the modern and melodic shoegaze crafts. Keen on psyche music and rock bands like The Brian Johnstown Massacre, Be Forest, The Warlocks and really digging shoegaze musings by frontline names like Slowdive, Beach Fossils and spending time in My Bloody Valentine‘s goth-gaze realm, he created his own brand, a sonic puzzle cleverly lifted up to shoegaze with neo-psychedelic and surf rock adventures. He’s talented and obviously skilled, you see our man here started playing music in bands since he was 14 where he eventually learned enough in the music sphere to start producing his own records. More than this, he was also growing beyond guitar to bass guitar, drums, piano and also dabbling with vocals over the years. The result of all these is Gut Splinter single where he played all instruments, sung it, and also did all the studio work too! The single releases on March 9 with the official video published on January 5, here it is!

Pretty cinematic and emotional music where he didn’t hesitate to mount a fuzz on, enough to give to the listener that groovy and amplified climax that many dares but only a few end up with a clear arrangement that doesn’t “torture” you and me. I also listened to some Syd Barrett influences into that psychedelic rock song, and it isn’t strange at all that this picture is directly out of these aesthetics!

You may download and keep in track here:

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Written by Loud Cities Mike