WL//WH Video of the Day: NORFOWL “Dark”

Video Of The Day NORFOWL

Belgian 5-piece punk-wave band based in Brussels, Norfowl deliver a fresh, captivating, and modern take on ’80s new-wave and post-punk sound with a vibrant garage-rock twist, mixing guitar, bass, and saxophone on cold electronic drum loops.

The quintet have dropped their first-ever video for the mind-altering song “Dark”, off last year’s debut 4-track self/titled EP.

A rush of multi-dimensional adrenaline spawns off-beat, thumping drum patterns, deep digging sinuous basslines, hypnotic wistful keyboard expansions, and quick abrasive bleating guitar riffs over six-string melodies, that bleed into icy-hot textures, injected with curt subdued shouts, emitting poignant lyrics to reveal a myriad of slang terms used for an all-encompassing emotional void, swept in escapist distraction.

Time lapsed cloud overlays set motion to a martian landscape, lit in red rippled waves and cold jagged mountain peaks overcast in foggy majestic orbs.  Alien parasites mutate color and light into a hypnotic drug-induced trance, producing disturbing mental distortions upon the mind’s eye as thought-provoking lyrics flash in bold letters to convey a frightening message.

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