WL//WH Video Of The Day : NORDSTAAT “Linientreu”

Video Of The Day Nordstaat

It’s unfortunately a sad and absurd part of our everyday routine the footage used for Nordstaat‘s “Linientreu” new video.

The track is taken from the upcoming third volume of “Self Aware” compilation series due out around May 1, sets by Berlin-based X-IMG label/platform for dark electronic music & audio/video art started by Emad Dabiri, aka SΛRIN (also Human Performance Lab and Konkurs), including excellent acts like Blush Response, HKKPTR, Rhys Fulber, Rendered and also Dabiri’s own project Human Performance Lab.

Nordstaat is the black techno and electro-industrial, black metal and power electronics influenced, moniker of Bremen based artist Joris Wegner.

“Linientreu / Loyal” provides a devastating and uncompromising mind-infecting rhythmic maelstrom of driven, Industrial-coated, dark Techno meets EBM, made of pounding beats and flashing synthesizers, a modern slab of heavy, gloomy and immersive electronic dance music at its peak, as the label has got us used since the start.

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