WL//WH Video Of The Day: NO SUITS IN MIAMI “Buffy”


Although Swedish Indie Pop foursome, No Suits In Miami, warn us that it is not about vampires, the dysfunctional new single, “Buffy”, proves the Lund-based band is constantly evolving distinctive ’emo-pop’, poised somewhere between melodic dream-pop, soaked in sparkling jangles with sprinkles of noisy shoegaze haze, is a wistful and throbbing song, one of the kinds that manage to warm your pop heart at first listen.

Rambunctious rhythms drive steady, tinny drum beats through an energetic pulsing bassline, bright tingling keyboard chords, and emotionally piercing, shimmering guitar bursts to surround beautifully lost and numb female vocals with an isolated frenzy of detached euphoria, while long drawn out confessions of guilt, shame, and melancholy try to ease the pain of a lying heart.

Nostalgic DIY home movie clips blend an intimate band retreat with serene outdoor scenes to capture a personal, inside look at “No Suits In Miami.” Road trip footage creates a dreamy flow of motion over green foliage, sunny skies, and spinning treetops while quirky dancing, group communications, and an eclectic variety of instrumentation show the friendship, laughs, and sharing involved in the candid, creative process of making music.

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