WL//WH Video Of The Day: NNHMN “Der Unweise”

Video Of The Day NNHMN

Berlin-based, Poland-bred darkwave duo NNHMN [NonHuman] , made of Lee & Laudarg, have just dropped the official video for the track “Der Unweise”, taken from last end of the year acclaimed mini-album “Shadow in the Dark”, co-released through their own DIY label k-dreams records, Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs and Zoharum Records.

One of the most obscure, enveloping and danceable of the lot, citing from our previous post:

Der Unweise” is a spellbinding specimen of NNHMN‘s hypnotic darkness-dripping synth-driven pop, harnessed by a powerful and haunting concoction of propulsive crackling and lashing rhythms, ominously pulsing mesmeric bassline progression, loomed by spooky mercurial synths over subdued, yearning vocals tempting secret passions and deep healed scars in an alluringly detached dance-inducing goth-tinged, mysterious witchcraft spell.

Lyrics recite a poem on the subject of stupidity taken from the ancient Norse proverbs, “Edda, Hávamál, Loddfafnirlied”, warning about the dubious nature of rumination, arrogance, and impulsivity.

“The main character here is based on the Mother Joan of the Angels (Polish: Matka Joanna od Aniołów, also known as The Devil and the Nun) from 1961 horror film on demonic possession, directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz.”

The polarizing DIY video, atmospherically inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky‘s polaroids, clashes black against white in a stark winter forest scene, pierced by blinding rays of cold energy focus on a vexing veiled figure aglow in an aura of negative illumination. Tall mythical trees swirl death and isolation into an alternate landscape, filled with pale blue skies and pink fleshy flowers, set against a romantic sensual gesture left blindfolded from Springtime’s beauty.  Glitch static overlays contort and multiply mummified body poses into an unnatural dance of demonic possession, amid ritualistic symbols of love, lust, and immortality teasing erogenous zones of the mind with taboo pleasures.

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