WL//WH Video Of The Day: NLIGHT “Omnicide” (Official Clip)

Video Of The Day  NLIGHT 

NLIGHT is the solo Darkwave project of frelu, a French songwriter, performer, and engineer with the aim ‘to awake bodies and souls with the organic sound of electric bass and guitars, a voice from beyond the grave sometimes coated in electronic pads’. 

The French artist, also one half of KjAROSCURO with Mel Eyes, have just dropped a DIY Official Clip for “Omnicide”, one of the latest from a rich string of twelve single releases since March 2023.

Omnicide” lists some of the toxic results caused by climate neglect, including war and death at the hands of economic instability, to evoke feelings of sadness, disgust, and anger toward the greedy actions of those involved.

Heady, dark, dangerous vibes engulf hypnotic slashing beats, ominous sturdy throbbing bass lines, neurotic piercing guitar riffs along with eerie, strident and buzzing frequencies around dry, airless baritone vocals, dropping depth-defying distorted echoes into cold obsessive swells of treachery, lust, and doom.

Symbolic DIY visuals compel the viewer to observe the planet through a disturbing lens of macabre destruction, to sync hauntingly with the dystopic vibes of the soundtrack. Spectacular black and white footage of natural and man-made disasters violently strobes across the screen whilst Wall Street suggestions, apocalyptic military configurations, and flagrant disregard for temperance and harmony, lead to the final resting place of innumerous soldier’s graves. The vision, while thought-provoking, is hard to watch as it stirs the soul into the wrong direction of darkness and fright.

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