WL//WH Video of the Day: NINA BELIEF “The Wanderer”

WL//WH Video of the Day  NINA BELIEF

Nina Belief is an Iranian self-taught solo female electronic artist based in Miami, focusing since 2004 on developing a nuanced distinctive style rooted in Minimal Synth and Wave genres, with a primary use of analog synthesizers and drum machines.

After last year’s third full-length album “Vessel Of Voices”, the Persian musician has shared an Official Video for the title track of the latest two-song single, the second of 2014, “The Wanderer”, which explores the psychology of wanderlust through the surreal magic landscapes of the Anatolian Cappadocia region.

Nina Belief’s “The Wanderer” intricately dissects the dual nature of wanderlust, juxtaposing the exhilarating freedom it offers with a poignant search for meaning or an escape from inner turmoil.

Lit by richly saturated droning tones, a dark, claustrophobic realm of trembling bass buzzing pulses, lashing, clapping, and scratching beats, dramatic piercing swathes, and rolling synth melodies encapsulate intense emotional vocals in both the isolation and allure felt when wandering.

The track prompts listeners to reflect on their own motivations for new horizons, questioning whether they seek growth or to outrun inner conflicts.

A graceful and shadowy performance by Nina Belief, set against the unique textures of Turkey’s Cappadocia syncs with the lush introspection of the soundtrack. Cold, pale window views juxtapose with warm amber fire reflections, setting the stage for an array of symbolic imagery, such as fascinating natural geological formations that look like giant sandcastles.

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Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia 2024 Photo @carlopirrongelli


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