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Night Nail

Berlin-based post-punk outfit Night Nail recently unveiled the leading track “FTL” from their upcoming second full-length album “March to Autumn” that is slated for release probably in Autumn 2020 via Cold Transmission Music. Following the well-accepted debut album “LA Demons” (Cleopatra Records, 2018) and with another pretty nice dark gem single last January (“Republican Marriage”), that band which was originally formed in Los Angeles and now living in Berlin is seemingly sounding like already having recorded some really great new music.

The official video of “FTL” was released only a couple of days ago and it is produced and edited by Jean De Oliveira, featuring Matilda Reid. A very cool video indeed it is like absolutely following the dusty winds of the song. And what a song it is!!! Αn utterly inspiring piece without any unnecessary rotations in it but with a gorgeous arrangement all over, that song is going to be one of the top anthems of 2020. With catchy gothic riffing and a singer who narrates the episode with exemplary faith and spirit, this song has all it needs for making it a tune to remember for a long time. Add also this amazing inspiration they had in putting a fantastic bridge after the middle, and you have a beautiful ghastly song all the way until the end together with that eerie saxophone…the old school post-punk style! I am amazed, I love this song, and I am waiting for listening to a great new album by Night Nail.  Here we go!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike