WL//WH Video Of The Day: NIGHT HEXE “Take My Heart”

Video Of The Day  NIGHT HEXE  

Freshly formed Europa-based new Post-Punk duo Night Hexe, made up of musician Pablo Casadey and lyricist and vocalist  Sam Young, draw from their native roots of Argentina and England to summon dark, breezy energy in the music video, directed by Natalie Solgala Kaz & Cacho Prodachions, for their vibrant and catchy debut single Take My Heart taken from the upcoming first full-length album.

Racing thoughts consume a tattered heart whose descent into madness begs to be taken to the other side of twilight, where the worlds of light and dark divide.

Dangerous alluring auras steer an ominous throbbing bassline winding through a disorienting daze of swirling reverberations, steady, punchy drum beats, and high-strung wicked guitar strains, blazing with compulsive, nervous screeching licks to seduce haunted helpless vocal breathes of desperation and shame into a hypnotic sway of hopeless doom.

Red tone filters and time-lapsed slow-motion spin nocturnal, witchy vibes around an engaging live performance where hip dancing, on-point fashion, and cool night winds set the stage for an intoxicating release of modern dystopic tension. Mesmeric, strobing lights, shimmery decor, and warped mirror reflections open alternate perceptions of insight to transport Night Hexe’s high-energy vibes, surreal introspections, and magnetic charms through a collective looking glass of curved dimensions.

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