WL//WH Video Of The Day: NIGHT HEXE “Against The Grain”

Video Of The Day  NIGHT HEXE  

AngloArgentinian, Europa-based Melodic Post-Punkers Night Hexe, comprises Sam Young and Pablo Casadey return, with the addition of the driving dismal bass pulses delivered by Adrian Clarindo, in a transfixing video by Millie Byrne and Atlantes Digital, for the sophomore single “Against the Grain,” taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album.

Poetic lyrics brood in the land of fading emotions, where longing for a better life, free from the shackles that bind, evoke fearful, melancholic, and restless moods.

Steady punchy drum beats trigger snaky throbbing bassline instilling unremitting muted pain, pierced by wandering effect-laden sharp guitar riffs laced with resonant wailing strains, to channel obsessive melancholy and menacing desperation around emotionless, yet subtly anxious female vocals, dropping breathless obsessions into an unwinding tapestry of fear.

A scenic black and white video captures Night Hexe in an intimate performance set “Against the Grain” of a vast natural landscape. Rocky, crumbling dunes under dusty cloudless skies propel windblown energy over the magnetic Post-Punk Duo, whose groovy black-clad fashion and dark lyrical poetry blend seamlessly with a desolate rustic realm of scorched Earth textures. Silhouettes of shadows, mesmeric hand dances, and graffiti-tagged stones stir the mind’s eye with tenebrous suggestions whilst the striking contrasts betwixt the polarizing forces of light and darkness compel harmonious visions from a breezy mental excursion of shame and suffering.

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