WL//WH Video Of The Day : NEW FEELINGS “Real Love”

Video Of The Day

The Swedish pop scene continues to spawn new exciting bands, one of the emerging talents are Stockholm‘s 4-piece New Feelings, comprised of Olle Strandberg (vocals, guitar), Anton Strandberg (drums), Joel Tiger (bass) and Teodor Juel Eckerström (synth), with a past in cult garage bands such as Holograms, Lion’s Den and IBV.

The new single “Real Love”, the second taken from the debut EP “Introducing” due out April 13th via Rama Lama Records, is a synth-laden slow pace pop gem, flirting with 80’s aesthetics and laced with deep melancholy and introspection, Olle’s gorgeous crooning vocals combined with the smooth and stylish instrumentation, bring new emotional and intriguing nuances to the band’s sonic spectrum, masterly crafting an atmosphere of irresistible charm and distinction.

The video, once again directed by Marcus Wilén, adds something extra to New Feeling’s conceptual approach to pop music.

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