WL//WH Video Of The Day: NEW ESTATE “Westie”

Video Of The Day New Estate

Started by painter, multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Mia Schoen (member of Huon, Molasses, The Cannanes, among others), soon after the organic demise of the mid-90s Perth-based Twee-Indie-Pop band Sleepy Township at the start of the 00s, the rockier and fuzzier New Estate, relocated to Melbourne, emerge from lockdown hiatus, with a lineup, besides Mia Schoen, made of guitarist Marc RegueiroMcKelvie (Teeth and Tongue, Popolice, Enclosures), drummer Chris Gorman (ex Molasses and Sleepy Township), and bassist Toby Dutton (Flywheel), to deliver their 5th studio album, “5”, due out on July 1, 2023 via fellow independent label  Kasumuen Records, teased by the first DIY video/single “Westie.” 

The anthemic piano-keys-driven song reminiscent of early Arcade Fire, “Westie”, is about desperately missing a loved one, triggering a rapid, nostalgic and rumbling inrush of urgent dynamic drum beats, chugging bass lines, relentless energetic guitar strums laced with sparse discordant sparkling strains and driving hard-stabbing piano melodies under high-pitched vocal angst, shredding tumultuous sways of endless brokenhearted gloom.

The imaginative visuals merge time-lapsed highway footage with colorful hand-drawn doodles, to sync with the heady racing vibes of the soundtrack. Dizzying street wanderings captured along a charming urban Australian shopping district further the ecstatic sentimental flow of vibrancy with suggestive trinkets embellished with whimsical moods.

New Estate‘s fifth album, “5”, is slated for release on July 1, 2023, through Kasumuen Records, digitally and in a limited run of vinyl 12″ with hand-screen printed sleeves.

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