WL//WH Video of the Day: NEOLIN “Tetzahuitl”

Video Of The Day  NEOLIN

Originating from the Anahuaca culture of ancient Mexico, Neolin is an Experimental /Dark Wave /Psychedelic /Shoegaze trio of spiritual revivalists made up of David Axayacatl (Bass guitar), Neil Rodriguez (Battery), and Telpoxtli Ren (Vox, Keys, Aerophones) who sacrificed their former band Beztia to offer us a more focused, penetrating transmission from the deepest darkness of our modern time. “Tetzahuitl” and the accompanied video give us an initiation into this metaphysical trio of light. 

“Tetzahuitl translates as “omen”, this allusion has to do with the dire perspective of our vision, because they are not songs that seek to offer a romanticized idea but rather a critical and realistic one”

A strong rousing sentimental tide of ominous, droning bass line tremors, warm, glistening, anthemic psychedelic ripples, and tribal drum beats expand around powerful, rising baritone vibrations, invoking archetypes from the swirling sensations of celestial hums and ceremonial airs whilst heavy slashing strings and clashing cymbals ignite a cathartic windswept flow of fellowship for humankind.

“The Tetzahuitl video was imagined based on our experience and how this has meant crossing certain thresholds. It is inspired, to some extent, by pieces of science fiction such as “La jette” by Chris Marker and “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky, as well as the literature of Juan Rulfo and José Revueltas”

Immersive visuals shot on location at The Plaza of the Three Cultures, in Tlaltelolco, Mexico City draw from the bloodshed of the Spanish Invasion, the student massacre of 1968, and the nested temple and church structures present today to open a time-traveling portal into knowledge and identity.

Stunning black and white video extracts the rich history and traditions of Neolin using magnificent architecture and ruins, traditional wardrobe, and a stone box artifact to share a respectful walk with the viewer over Mexico’s sacred grounds. The imagery, lyrics, and instrumentation stir the captured neoteric soul with esoteric visions from parallel timelines to inspire and guide inner thought forms into a locus of concentrated light.

A reflection on the labyrinth we all find ourselves in at this epoch moment where everything changes, nothing remains, and our only chance to awaken the world lies within the spiritual flow of energy that leads us materially alone but not desolate into our destiny.

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