WL//WH Video Of The Day: NAYAD “Holy Lakes (Dusk)”

Video Of The Day Nayad 

Stockholm-based duo NAYAD have shared a symbolic video for the evocative piano-infused third single “Holy Lakes (Dusk)”, released last November 9th, the first of two songs about the serenity and beauty of Nature.

Active since March 2020, the band deftly craft a bittersweet immersive psychedelic-pop with folk and indie undertones, sang in both Swedish and English.

Chilling ambient tones collide in harmony through hypnotic, melancholic piano notes wandering thoughtfully under breathtaking atmospheric vocalizations, to capture the lyrical beauty of an underwater dive, where two worlds collide in majestic textures of light and darkness, while electronic droning waves and field recordings merge in a cinematic end.

A surreal video clip from the Prelinger Archives depicts the evolution of Yosemite National Park‘s landscape using time-lapse illustrations and filmed footage from Prehistoric eras to a 1960s-ish tourist attraction. Millions of years pass over a small stream, giving rise to skyscraping cliffs and deep river canyons where vintage-clad tourists enjoy leisure. Rock wall formations, smoke signals, and firework displays elicit an enigmatic vibe during transitions, while strategic editing shifts the natural flow of a waterfall backwards to cast shadows of doubt over the spectacular environmental transformation.

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