WL//WH Video Of The Day: NAIROD YARG “The Beast In Me”

Video Of The Day  NAIROD YARG  

Since 2018, the French DIY two-piece band from Villefranche Sur Saone, Nairod Yarg, a name referred to the famous Irish Dandy Oscar Wilde and David Lynch’s movies, deliver their gripping and intriguing brand of Coldwave, both sung in native and English idiom, in which discordant noise and poignant painful melodies chase each other relentlessly, infused with cinematic flairs.

After the well-received eponymous debut album in 2019 with which they made themselves known beyond the Alps, Nairod Yarg return with a new dangerous, gritty, and groovy, 70s Glam-rock tinged track entitled “The Beast In Me”, a preview from the forthcoming sophomore album, “10 days with Dorian Wilde”,  along with an accompanying video that dives into the dark psychological realm of traumatic memories to depict a subconscious rage, guilt, and hate seething within a beastly reflection of self.

Uncompromising lyrics dwell in the ominous story of Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray, where cursed thoughts trigger feelings of violence, horror, shame, and self-hatred from the hideous image of “The Beast in Me.”

Groovy rocking vibes infiltrate a festering inverted domain of forbidden emotions with nervous, scratchy guitar riffage mists, driving, prowling bassline throbs, and steady hard-hitting drum beats to fuel the dramatic vocal interplay betwixt haunted angry fears and insatiable heartfelt desires to manifest visions of inebriated passions into a soulless aural realm from the looking glass abyss.

Twisted, demon-possessed insight alternates interdimensional invocations from a sepia stained pictorial collage with a hypnotic ritual performance to extract the shadow self from beneath a translucent psychedelic veil. Monarch propelled wing flutter bewitches with beauty and allure, drawing nocturnal fantasy from a hidden system of universal symbols, whilst time-lapsed overlays dissect and contort trauma and pain into kaleidoscopic fragments of transformative conformity.

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