WL//WH Video of the Day: NAH… “Under the Radar”


NAH… is the DIY project of Amsterdam based music-blogger Estella Rosa and Munster based psychotherapist Sebastian Voss.

So so far it seems like the usual new band of young hopes, in reality, I’ve known Estella for a few years as a refined pop music connoisseur, with direct experience on the live fields and venues through the 90s, and administrator of several Facebook groups, initially mainly shoegaze inclined, to shift with time increasingly to dreampop territories, gradually incorporating twee, jangle, sophisti-pop and everything in between. It is useless to say, but life in addition to disappointments, and dramas, is full of twists, turns and surprises around the corner, and if the opening of an excellent music blog, with its impeccable musical taste, built over years of listening, certainly didn’t sound strange to me, the start of a music project as a singer, after a chance encounter with German musician and vocalist Sebastian Voss, and, above all, the incoming release of their debut album on most likely one of his favorite labels, shows once again that there is always time to learn, make new experiences and discover hidden or lingering skills that perhaps we had not taken too seriously.
I don’t know what Miss Estella will have in store for us in the future, surely something damn interesting and exciting, meanwhile let’s enjoy the new single “Under the Radar”, in advance of Nah‘s debut full-length self/titled LP due out on 25 September, 2020, on coloured vinyl 12″/Digital, via Shelflife Records.

Timeless vivid suggestions from the past provided the basis for looking onward in the duo’s distinctive flair for pop modernism, with a dreamy upbeat tune, fueled by dramatic male croons, that exudes a vintage vibe with hypnotic attention-grabbing sarcasm, haloed in elated female hums, while happy-high choral back-ups repeat, “Under the Radar” over light jaunty drums, sparkling jangly guitar melodies, hearty bassline, airy keyboard swirls, and triumphant Bacharach-tinged trumpet flourishes.

“Under The Radar” champions the underrated band and the muso’s unquenchable thirst for undiscovered gems. It is about something that pop-nerds know all too well: suddenly you newly discover an old band, and wonder how is it possible that this band has been passing under your radar all these years? Even though you might think you’ve heard many a tune by many a band on any label of interest, you suddenly find yourself rummaging through back-catalogues of a musical universe you never knew existed.

Retro video illustrations depict a plane scanning land, sea, and sky with various radars spinning hypnotically, in sleepless abandon for an elusive target yet to be found. Smiling cartoon characters alternate with movie clips of sweating soldiers engaging periscopic crosshairs onto an unknown discovery, before shooting fireworks of delight over the open waters of endless treasures.

Nah‘s debut self/titled LP is slated for release 25 September, 2020, on coloured vinyl 12″/Digital, via Shelflife Records

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Written by Catt Gillette, except the intro by Fabrizio Lusso.