WL//WH Video Of The Day : NABTA “Violence”

Video Of The Day :

Nabta is a synthetic duo based in Nantes, Brittany, part of the DIY Onmi [Objet Nantais Non Identifié] collective, together with very interesting electronic acts like Projet Marina, Vinaï, Prinzessin and Doggerland.

The’ve just released their 5-track mini-album “Violence Violence” full of infectuous dark electro-wave numbers. 

Fresh and propulsive, urgent and melodic but also hypnotic and energetic, “Violence”, influenced by the dark synth electronic sound  of the early 80’s and slightly reminiscent of early Detroit’s Adult, is built on pulsating evocative cold synth and addictive robotic beats, with subtle darkwave flourishes, underpinned by the emotionally detached, with hint of harshness, vocals, an irresistible bouncer born to blast nonstop on the best dark underground dance-floors.

Check out the mesmerizing video directed by David Lacour, about a woman who puts herself in a video game to get over past heartaches, and take control of her life and finally emerge from the water in control.

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