WL//WH Video Of The Day: NABTA “Drop The Mask”

Video Of The Day Nabta

Hailing from Nantes, France, NABTA is a synthetic duo, part of the Collectif ONNI (Objet Nantais Non Identifié) with a dark, vibrant, highly danceable, electroclash-minimal wave sound, fresh from dropping the new music video, directed by David Lacour, for the upcoming single Drop The Mask”, due to be released, digital and tape format, in Spring 2020 on Distag Records.

High energy neon overlays, dim mechanical rotation, and shooting static lasers dissect expressionless faces, hiding anonymously beneath protective eyewear casting shadows of secrecy into the backdrop of pink spinning rays. Slow robotic body movements exaggerate and stretch dimension creating an illusion of weightlessness against the lightning-fast flickering strobe effects blasted in bold black letters time-lapsed into a jittery dance of disturbing disharmony.

Intense amped rambling synth sequences palpitate arhythmically along with punchy lashing beats and breaking treacherous bassline vibrations, as a detached caustic female rant, “Drop the Mask!”, blends the electrically charged dance number with a minimal lyric inquiry into social anxiety, superficiality, and a plea for authenticity.

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