WL//WH Video of the Day: MOUTH WOUND “Starbound”

Video of the Day  Mouth Wound

Copenhagen based cult-musician and visual artist Trina Echidna a.k.a. Mouth Wound, also known from her collaboration with Christoffer Bagge‘s Dark Wave project Totem, has released at the end of February the first single “Starbound” from the upcoming EP paired with the self-produced video.
An experimental harp/synth song balancing romantic melodies and noisy electronics.

Distant undercurrents of drone alarm moans and deep, dragging bass lines undulate lovelorn angst paired with strikingly clear sparkling harp melodies of hope and love. Synths bleed maladies of doubt and despair ignited by passionate, haunted, and longing vocals of sorrow and desperation. A vibrant and energetic chorus of hope quickly mocked by warped echoing sentiments displaced by ambiguous interludes of tense calm illustrate the highs and lows of an alternative love-style forged out of mutual respect, trust, shared enthusiasm for life.

A song about love, fate, and promises set against the backdrop of a mystic dream encounter. Sins of the past weigh heavy and cripple a woman’s body until it is broken and unable to move. Despite the tragedy, a glimmer of light shines deep inside her soul as she escapes into a rich fantasy where she meets her soulmate. Without knowledge of the location and no discernment of time the lovers scramble promises of eternal unification as they “cross hearts, take a dive, hold breaths…..until daylight” arrives.

A moving rendition starring and directed by Trina Echidna creates an imaginative world of dichotomous existential contrasts between two realms separated by physical touch. Beautiful, dark, and mysterious sky and seascapes spark an other-worldly existence as clouds morph and obscure faces turning them into skulls. Water gives the illusion of weightlessness and flying or not being corporeal. A loss of control pertaining to the inability to move freely or by choice illuminates a disharmonious discord. The vast cosmos of brightly shining stars amidst the dark infinite space and time continuum rush, eclipse, and highlight fear and uncertainty concerning a return to the uncharted realm where the soul mates awaits. A rare concept of pure love disembodied telegenically foretold with robust, variances in voice emote raw emotional sentimentality enhanced through the non-invasive tender clarity of the harp.

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