WL//WH Video of the Day: MOUTH WOUND “Blinding Hindsight”

Video of the Day  Mouth Wound

Copenhagen based cult-musician and visual artist Trina Echidna a.k.a. Mouth Wound, also known from her collaboration with Christoffer Bagge‘s Dark Wave project Totem, has released a new video for the track “Blinding Hindsight” off the upcoming EP “Nebulae” set for release later in 2019.  A self-produced melancholic experimental synth-pop song with an accompanying video filmed by Christoffer Bagge himself.

A powerfully moving song about the fight against depression and how one woman ends the destructive cycle and finds new meaning in life by readjusting the distorted hindsight perpetuating the madness.

Hauntingly isolated clanking industrial beats slowly tinker and echo mechanically with quiet frenzied gasps amid beautifully sad ceremonial cathedral keyboard chords urgently depressed as lost, tortured, and detached female vocals expel long withheld laments surrounded in metallic echoing whispers to create a paranoid and obsessive atmospheres that sounds like people gossiping about the disturbing nature of the illness. A silent pause, albeit for the synthetic sound of a submerged “heartbeat”, as a light warbling drone wavers in the distance and an approaching ticking like a clock draws menacingly near.

Dramatic video of a beautifully dressed woman struggling alone in a bathtub set against the backdrop of the devastation and hopelessness felt at the hands of depression draws attention to the shameful social stigma attached to mental illness. Emotional facial expressions precisely reveal the alienation, confusion, and embarrassment people experience as they silently suffer from severe malaise and melancholia.  Pain-staking screams for help go hidden and unheard as they are absorbed within the black murky waters of guilt and shame causing anxiety and terror to erupt into a full-fledged panic of impending doom.

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