WL//WH Video Of The Day: MORVERN “Sleepy Head”

Video Of The Day  Morvern

Shortly following last May’s kaleidoscopic 10-track album “King Toro”, Ljubljana, Slovenia based, Noise-Psych-Garage Rock band Morvern, led by the ‘whimsical troubadour’ Jan Cizej, have shared a bucolic sentimental video, by Tanja, Vasko, and Nejc, for the heady new single Sleepy Head via fellow independent label ŠOP Records.

Trippy chiming 60s-tinged psych-pop, Sleepy Head unfurls chunky rubbery bass pulsations and steady punchy drum beats, pierced obsessively by sparkling jangly guitar melodies into a lost wandering headspace around nostalgic vocals and distorted celestial back-ups, helplessly longing for hazy twilight horizons amid sharp winding licks of shivering strains.

Desperate lyrics dwell in the belly of a beast system where unyielding polarization of worldviews evokes angsty melancholy and hopeless desire.

Inspirational video by Tanja, Vasko, and Nejc contradicts the lyrical tragedy whilst syncing seamlessly with mercurial textures of the soundtrack by applying a foggy retro filter over endless fields of freedom, to invoke carefree Summer moods. Groovy whimsical dance moves, an impromptu performance, and panoramic views set the stage for a glorious ritual of sun worship under cloudless skies of timeless destiny.

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