WL//WH Video of the Day: MONS REGALIS “Diciembre”

Video of the Day  Mons Regalis

Mons Regalis is a young Mexican shoegaze/noise-pop three-piece band originally from Monterrey, comprised of Carlos Monreal (guitar and voice), Daniel Hernández (guitar), Raúl Díaz (drums) and Guillermo Verástegui (bass).

Inspired by Slowdive, New Order and Jesus & Mary Chain and varying between guitar-driven dreamy, introspective hazy shoegaze ambience to fuzzy and peppy noise pop, the power trio has just released their sophomore digital single “Diciembre”, like their end of 2019 debut “Lo que pasó”, via the Argentinian independent label Hikikomori Discos.

Infused with deep disillusion and angst, “Diciembre” unfurls abrasive distorted guitar riffs that expel thick yet restrained reverb-laden ecstatic noise, before quivering and bleeding sharp needled cries over hypnotic, pulsing bass melodies and solid drumbeats as dreamy, haunted male vocals shamefully whisper to a moody croon.
Lyrics forecast a chilly outcome for an unhappy couple ravaged by betrayal as they hide their tears and emotional pain in a desperate attempt to reconcile that leaves them blindly begging for a return to Spring.

Passion, fire, and love come to life in the black and white companion video, directed by Aleida Morenoas, two young lovers awkwardly sit under the night sky trying to will their love back into the light. Deep contours and contrasts play against each other to explode in an intense emotional turmoil between trust and self-preservation in a couple as they dramatically kiss, hug and tightly hold hands under a blanket of electrical mist before letting go and saying goodbye.

photo by @aleida moreno