WL//WH Video Of The Day: MONÖCHROME “Nightcrawler”

Video Of The Day Monöchrome

Monöchrome is an Electronic duo from Lima, Peru, comprised of Nana Aray (vocals) and Khrome Hitam (synthesizers, programming), who have been experimenting since 2017 with EBM, Dark Techno, Coldwave, and Industrial sounds, has delivered a music video by Hitam Laga for the last single, “Nightcrawler”, in anticipation of the band’s forthcoming album “Limbo”

A restless ambiance of approaching doom layers buzzing swarms with heavily chugging and throbbing bass lines, urgent skipping snappy drum beats, rattling echoes, and sinister icy bright flashing synth riffs, to stir a relentless ‘on guard’ vibe around cold, haunted spoken word vocals, delivering the dark thoughts of a “Nightcrawler” who is wearily hunting its prey.

The symbolic black and white visuals by Hitam Laga star Nana Aray as an alienated ‘lost soul’, whose dramatic performance, set against a busy nocturnal landscape, syncs seamlessly with the soundtrack. Hip-black clubwear, surreal flows of motion, and authentic city street dangers evoke the overwhelming pressure described in the lyrics at the hands of an unseen menace.

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