WL//WH Video Of the Day : MONO MONO “You”

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Danish electro pop duo, Mono Mono consists of vocalist Karoline Elsig and beatmaker Jakob Franck. Their debut EP, “Natural” released in June of this year on the Copenhagen based Label Back to Future Sounds contains the single “You” for which a new video has just been dropped.

Clapping echoing and vibrating synthetic kick drums, rattling snares and lately sensual sax sounds underscore the powerful, sensual, sassy vocals that at times speak the truth in a clear, detached almost angry manner. Synths play like a heart beat ebbing and flowing with the tempo of the croons creating a relaxed, magical, delusional atmosphere loaded with. The distinctive tension between the delicate and smooth harmonic vocals and the sonically filling offbeat instrumentation leaves the listener in a state of memorable mournful bliss.

A song about love, nostalgia, and letting go. A conflicted woman asks her lover to leave her while whispering intimates in his ear. She knows too much has changed and they will never be the same, but she yearns for it nonetheless.

The accompanied video, created by film community 73 Collective, is “body positive that portrays raw emotion.” Showing body parts pulsing, sweating, and touching each other in a very loving tasteful manner. A memory and a goodbye of a ll the beautiful times they shared together.

An erotic alluring expression of what lovers share and why it cannot last forever…

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