WL//WH Video Of The Day : MOLLY “No Soul Will Remember”

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The Innsbruck‘s duo Molly, made up of Phillip Dornauer (drums, bass, synth) and Lars Andersson (vocals, guitar), right since the start blew many minds and soothed many hearts with their immaculate blurry blends of post rock, shoegaze and psychedelia directly out of the Austrian Alps.

Even with the new single “No Soul Will Remember”, that sheer magic seems to have no end : the atmosphere is misty and dim, ethereal and hypnotising, the sounds immersive and enveloping, glistening with evasive synths and dilated reverb of guitars hand in hand with ecstatic vocal melodies laced with deep melancholy, its enthralling slow flow captures and drags, with a subtle underlying feeling of unrest and anxiety, as a reminder that light always comes from the darkness, and gradually grows in intensity and density and sweeps up in a soaring whirlwind of burning emotions before withdrawing into itself and fades. It’s moving, intoxicating, spellbinding, utterly beautiful.

I’m all the time stunned at the amazing and powerful ways in which Molly are able to take their music out and turn it in something absolutely special and intriguing every time, now is finally the time for their debut album to cast their definitive magic spell on us.

Check the spooky and surreal visuals directed by Johannes Kogler

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