WL//WH Video Of The Day: МОЛИТВА (molitvaband) “Лес (Forest)”

Video Of The Day МОЛИТВА (molitvaband)

МОЛИТВА (Molitvabanda) is an enigmatic new ritualistic post-punk band from Russia, whose lineup is kept secret, as it is rumoured to be depersonalized due to the musicians’ fame in other projects. Recently the group got a support slot with PLOHO | ПЕРМЬ in Perm.

“Лес” (Forest) is their debut single/video. Thanks to Konstantin for the precious hint. 

Glistening guitar strings slowly needle through the throbbing underbelly of bassline ominous eruptions, cut by restrained punchy drum beats, weaving layers of convoluted, quivering reverb around the loud numb male vocal’s soaring release of visceral pain, culminating into a noisy interlude droning in swirling hypnotic intensity.

Haunting lyrics shape-shift an incomprehensible murder into a date with the dark woods, transferring the experience of overwhelming powerlessness into a distorted commentary.

Ingenious video performs cognitive mind games with a daunting DIY murder mystery rolled out in a backward time sequence of edgy, modern psychological deductions.

Deep green hues of haunting undergrowth surround a single red rose to derive a sense of foreboding fear and tragic beauty from the sprawling intimidation gathered from a desolate forest plain, where skilful editing techniques engineer the first noticeable deception in the form of a human burial being perceived as a heroic excavation. Dark shadows, ski masks, and negative light flashbacks disguised, as foreshadowing draw the dire and misleading connections between two strangers on a night composed by fate’s wicked hands, to write a tattered Lynchian account of a woman’s misfortunate walk into the dark woods with death.

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