WL//WH Video Of The Day : MOHIT “Racek”

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Music, beyond words, is always about the overall feelings and emotions it conveys.

Certainly do not lack in intensity and imagination, the elegant and imagination weave of progressive and psychedelia which distinguishes the sonic proposal of London based experimental newcomers Mohit.

The trio, comprised of Toby Baxter (guitars), Danny Brooks (drums) and Jack Daley (bass), are going to release their debut 2-track limited 7″ single “Racek / Discover Another” due 30th November.

The sublime “Racek” starts with steady blanketed pounds of foot drum, delicate cymbals and a clean pulsing bass woven with clear lush soaring jangly guitar chords that lay the foundation for an all encompassing vocal experience. The high pitched airy ethereal sounds blend with the more prominent, grounded and punchy vocals building an atmosphere of yearning, longing, desire. Dynamic evolving drum beats weave the tight guitar melodies erupting in a resonating downpour of vocalic interludes. Expanding and contracting, the stronger voice pulls the lighter, weaker vocals into a “catch and release” sensation floating between the push and pull of the centrifugal force. All the while scattered bleak piercing guitar notes and sonic clashing drum beats meld with the humming, unrelenting bass lines creating a symphony of melancholic waves of euphoria.

A mind-blowing, sonorous amalgamation of intricate and bold vocal harmonies and mesmerizing guitar notes make for an intriguing and enthralling debut.

The perfectly accompanied video, animated by Jaron Lionel, portrays the different elements in their various states represented by a lone dark figure, head held low, shoulders hunched. Diving off the edifice, traces of shadow following, as the collision becomes a windswept bird flying through the constantly changing resistance of cardinal elements. Fire, water, air and earth propel the figure into the different forces of the cosmos, like a tidal wave of overpowering emotions and sounds.

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photo by @stillm45