WL//WH Video Of The Day: Modern Time Machines “Somewhere Between”

Video Of The Day    Modern Time Machines 

Already got used to the long waits between one album and the other, the debut, “Continuity Girl”, dates back to 2012, veteran Los Angeles based Shoegaze 3-piece Modern Time Machines is approaching the release of the band’s long-awaited third full-length, “Practical FX + Physical Media”, the follow-up to the 2018 LP “MTM”, due out on July 29, 2022, building intricate layers of magnetic mesmerizing noise and mystical romance in their latest video directed by Ben Golomb, for the restless love song “Somewhere Between.” 

Introspective lyrics dive into the psychological realms of alienation and dread to express the devastating fear of being left behind.

Juxtaposing entrancing ethereal interludes, and dazzling wall of sound crescendo into full-on catharsis, “Somewhere Between” is embued with haunted and surreal textures that layer ominous, stumbling drum beats, persistent prowling bass lines, and hypnotic reverb-soaked guitar distortion, swaying between feeble wailing ripples and frenzied shredding swarms, to fuel helpless passions from an evocative dual male/female vocal interplay of dreamy depth defying longings and beautiful piercing celestial cries coalescing seamlessly into tumultuous swings of heartache and desire.

A foggy vintage-tinged video, by Ben Golomb, visually creates a ghostly, ethereal lyrical realm where a troubled couple finds themselves lost “somewhere between” drifting bliss and longing for comfort. Eerie dull prismatic filters disintegrate light waves over intimate clips, a band performance, and cool cat scenarios whilst trace overlays expand dimensions into parallel timelines of shape-shifting perception.

Modern Time Machines‘ third LP, “Practical FX + Physical Media”, produced by Josiah Mazzaschi (Jesus & Mary Chain, Smashing Pumpkins, Deap Vally), is slated for release, on Cassette & Digital, on July 29, 2022.

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