WL//WH Video Of The Day: MNODA “A co u Ciebie | And How Are You?”

Video Of The Day  MNODA  

Poznań, Poland’s Nowa Fala /Post-Punk 3-piece band MNODA return after a long hiatus, dropping a noisy and gripping expression of modern dystopic vexation into a heady video for the brand new single, “A co u Ciebie | And How Are You?”, taken from the upcoming new EP “Thank you, badly”, scheduled to be released on March 2022 via Koty Records, a song about a 9to5er who becomes overwhelmed by the mundanity and political correctness of an automaton existence.

Ominous simmering moods deconstruct a phantasmagoric aura with dire reverb dusted distorted guitar obsession, sinuously throbbing bassline menace, and steady punchy drum beats around a lost, desperate dread of empty suffering to invoke intoxicating waves of impulsive steam bursting into a rage of frenzied guttural six-string leads, shredding oppressive restrictions into a chaotic rebellion of uninhibited frequencies.

Symbolic visuals, created by Adam Piskorz, star Paweł Strzelczyk on an icy walk home from a boring 9to5 job to give pause for a necessary release of weighty tension. Nocturnal, snow-lined streets transform mile-high skyscrapers, dim reflective lights, and daunted, sulking shadows into a mirage of kinetic energies to extract an outpouring of frustration, anger, and guilt from beneath an illusory facade of impossible dreams. 

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