WL//WH Video of the Day: MISSISSIPPI KHAKI HAIR “Phone Call”


Formed in 2016, Japanese 4-piece Mississippi Khaki Hair, comprised of Taito Kimura (Vocals,Guitar), Daiki Usui (Bass), Katsumi Yoshida (Synth), and Bonzo Machida (Drums), play a goth-tinged, urgent and poignant 80’s influenced post-punk interspersed with garage rock and shoegaze elements. 

Following the recent release of their debut 6-track EP “Lunarian”, the new video for the track “Phone Call”, directed by Yada De Blanco, blends a unique combination of sound, emotion, and visual distinction.

Sharp and menacing guitar driven melodies, low throbbing bass line, light clashing cymbals and ominous synth chords shift to an urgent pounding drum and acute abrasive guitar grind to build an atmosphere of tension cut with a hurried, mumbled, quiet yet ferocious voice of anger and despair. Instruments re-surge in intensity only to dim as the timid harsh vocals rant about lost love and regret. A brief atmospheric synth interlude allows all facets of sound to unite and synchronize into an intense harmonic balance of relief and suffering.

A memorable dive into the raw visceral rage of a wounded heart.

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