WL//WH Video Of The Day: MISS JUNE “Best Girl”

Video Of The Day  Miss June

Auckland, New Zealand four-piece “blast melodic post-punk” Miss June, comprised of Annabel Liddell (lyrics, vocals), Jun Park (guitar), Chris Marshall (bass), and Tom Leggett (drums), celebrate their fresh signing to FrenchKiss Records with the announcement of 7″ vinyl double A-side “Best Girl/Twitch” single (on pre-order here) and video release.

Brazen anti-establishment female empowered lyrics join searing anthemic guitar harmonies engaging addictive hooks with an edgy clean image to bring back a modern take on the leanings from punk towards noise-rock. Vigorous solid mid-tempo drumbeats set the pace for deep energetic basslines bouncing amid intense squealing melodies of vast up-beat soaring hooks heightened by strong, sassy, and defiant female vocals. The song soars into a celebratory chorus of harmonic anarchy gathering momentum for an explosive soundburst of 100 per cent genuine “go girl” power aka legit female empowerment.

A song about feminist pride and victory. Rebellious and animated exclamations reveal the long and lonely road to the top. Free from arrogance or pretence Lindell makes her feminist opinion known as she uses the inertia of childbirth as a proof for, “energy can only be about a girl.” A provocative anthemic victory song for women around the world.

The retro-nostalgic video, directed by Ch’lita Collins, introduces us to Miss June’s edgy energy and style set against the backdrop of an urban cookie cutter home landscaped with beautifully maintained vintage musical instruments. A throwback to all things glam rock including Tawny Kitaen‘s sexy hair swinging car dance, exaggerated head-banging guitar lunges and cheeky camera flirting, take you back to the MTV watching androgenous double-takes of your youth.

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