WL//WH Video Of The Day: MISMÅ “Marshamana”

Video Of The Day  MISMÅ

Newcomer Berlin-based Dark Electronic duo of Sara Herren and PJ Gelmi, a.k.a. MISMÅ ,  follow the end of last year’s debut single, “Canyonlands”, with a DIY video by PJ Gelmi himself for their second release “Marshamana.”

An immersive combination of synthetic and organic instrumentation with introspective and moody elements of Darkwave, Post-Punk and misty Portishead vibes, coldly dark and haunting auras of glistening and rippling pain elicited by a droney slow-slung bassline and slightly scratching guitar chords expand, punctuated by scattered hypnotic kicks, to swell eerily over crisp, clapping percussion patterns, stabbed by obsessive bouncy shivering synth chimes and subtly abrasive riffs, whilst dry dull yet aching vulnerable vocals long for life amid a cruel, emotionless, non-caring world.

Mesmeric DIY visuals set an intimate performance by MISMÅ against a pitch black backdrop and cast strobing lights over it to sync with the ominous psychological vibes of the soundtrack. As the couple uses symbolic hand gestures, tribal face paint, and bewitching dance moves, blurry trace overlays open shapeshifting portals to primal fear at the hands of a shadowy disassociation.

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