WL//WH Video Of The Day : MISFORTUNE “Haunted”

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As you may have notice we have a soft spot here for the 80’s influenced analogue synth sound and the Greek artist Ioakim Vasiliadis from Thessaloniki, under the Misfortune moniker, is one of its most gifted musician.

Both his last year EP’s, “Hybrid” on Werkstatt Recordings and “Shapes in Motion” on TONN Recordings, were certainly among the very best in their genre and now it’s time for his, soon to be released, debut album “The Left Behind” again on TONN Rec.

“Haunted”, the second track unveiled, is an elegant and fascinating synth gem built around a cascade of luscious synths and a deeply emotional and sultry vocals , by fully immersing the listener in a gloomy and melancholic atmosphere of hope and despair, love and longing , lights and shadows.

An entrancing synth exercise in simplicity, depth, and beauty, the perfect way to set the tone for his upcoming debut.

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