WL//WH Video Of The Day : MINIMA MORALIA “First Meeting”

Video Of The Day

Always looking for dark synth music, let’s go back of few months this time.

I’m reminded of an istrumental version of Minima Moralia‘s “First Meeting” from more than one year ago , but the vocal version was included in last November Sangron Records‘ sampler ‘Sangron Volume 1’, compiled by by Skeleton Head‘s Leo Torres, in a joint collaboration with Rotterdam’s Electronic Emergencies label.

The 12-track compilation is centered around the minimal synth pioneers Crash Course in Science and Mark Lane, surrounded by 8 bands from the contemporary U.S. underground under the statement this is “music for dissidents”.

Minima Moralia is the coldwave / synthwave / synth-pop solo project of Philadelphia-based musician and audio engineer Matthew Ricchini who released a 4-track cassette in 2015 via Philly’s End Result Productions.

“First Meeting” is an emotional and fascinating synth wave, with hypnotic synth bassline, haunting string tones and an evocative deep baritone vocals, brimming with cold atmosphere and brooding melancholy.

Melodic, nostalgic, highly danceable amazing analogue dark synth stuff, let’s hope to hear more soon from the man.

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