WL//WH Video Of The Day: MIDSOMMAR “Summer’s Over”

Video Of The Day  MIDSOMMAR

Polish Shoegaze / Dream Pop 4-piece band based in Warsaw, Midsommar, comprised of Alia Fay (vocals), Dawid Dziwosz (guitar), Karol Grabias (bass), and Bartek Zdunek (drums), announce the October release of their first EP with a conceptual video for the dazzling second single “Summer’s Over, just in time to warm up our Autumn twilight days and caress our senses with slightly abrasive voluptuous swirls and blissful ethereal harmonies.

The single “Summer’s Over” is the second song by the Warsaw band Midsommar, which since 2019 has been forging an original sound embedded in the aesthetics of dream-pop and alternative rock. “Summer’s over” is a composition in which a subtle vocal line intertwined with warm walls of sound comes to the fore. In the textual layer, Summer’s over” is a dreamy story about sinking into the memories of the past summer and the dreams that were lost with it.

Depth defying aural dreams compose low, comforting bass pulses, glistening high-strung guitar strings, and piercing emotional energies to emit lingering reverbs of frenetic fuzz, dusty distortions, and droning, glowing frequencies amid slow swaying drum beats to circulate cool and embracing sonic planes around the sweet yet crushing, angelic intensity of female vocals layering celestial hums into an intoxicating ebb and flow of breath-taking harmonies dissipating seamlessly into a romantic maze of heartfelt memories as, “Summer’s Over.”

Interpretative, abstract imagery draws from the immersive sensibilities of a cloud swept skyline eclipsed by the sparkling, vibrant hues of a rainbow to evoke subconscious fears and desires in sync with the bittersweet nature of the soundtrack. Universal symbols of freedom, hope, and whimsical thought disintegrate into a shape-shifting flow of emotions cast in prismatic overlays, mercurial light orbs, and time-lapsed elemental formations. Looming sadness, menace, and uncertainty peak through a dark rip in the skies to expand, stain, and distort bright introspections with greying textures of icy dread and impending doom to capture perfectly the fleeting and dwindling feeling of a Summer’s End.

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